New York Escort Service Agency Employment and Jobs Application

Consider Our Services So That You Can Send Your Resume Entirely At No Cost To Over 40 New York Area Escort Agencies By Means Of Just One Effortless Click And Moreover Call Us At 718-844-1862  To Be Able To Work Immediately.

Apply for employment as an escort or a driver to over 40 escort agencies and services with one simple free confidential submission. You can make top dollar. Start receiving calls for jobs within 24 hours. Applications are currently being accepted. -Escort applicants- in your message, please include your age, height, weight, measurements and two photos. Preferably one photo of your face and the other a full body shot. -Driver applicants- photos are not necessary, but in your message please specify whether you have a cell phone and a gps system. You pay nothing to apply, because we collect our fees from the member agencies receiving your information.
New York Escort Employment and Jobs Application - 

Escort Service and Agency Labor Career Recruitment For Work And
Employment Position Vacancies For Ladies Seeking Jobs As Massage Girls, Escorts And Strippers.

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